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It is never easy to convey what life is like at Aardvark Books.

No two days are ever quite the same. Still, here are some highlights in pictures of the last few years.


The first Aardvark H.Art Exhibition in 2011, "Out of the Wood", was a brilliant mix of photography and crafts put together by Gareth Rees-Roberts. 500 visitors and lots of sales made it a brilliant success for all concerned.



Mortimer Country Food Fair 2011


The late Sir Ben Gill, then Chairman of Visit Herefordshire came to open our Mortimer Country Food Fair in 2011. Here shown with Fair organiser Carolyn Chesshire in front of the traditional butter churning stall.



The Opening of the BookBurrow 2012 with Katy Moran

Brilliant local writer Katy Moran was on hand in July 2012, to celebrate the opening of the BookBurrow with artist Ciara Lewis (inside the castle, left), and the team that built and decorated the building.



Stanley the Kudu arrives Spring 2013


Stanley the Kudu came to the bookshop in 2011 and ended up staying. Like Stanley we would much rather that he was alive and well and living in Kenya, but since he can’t be we’re glad that he is here with us. Edward occasionally told children that the rest of him is behind the wall.




 Mapping Herefordshire May 2012


 In May 2012 and May 2013 Aardvark Books mounted two ground-breaking exhibitions of antique maps of Shropshire and Herefordshire. Here Sheridan Swinson is having something pointed out to him by Simon Vernon, the nationally noted mapmaker who also lives in Brampton Bryan.



Mike Sanchez by Mike Johnson


Aardvark Books often holds art exhibitions and in Spring 2012 local artist Mike Johnson put together a show of his paintings of the borders countryside, and of his favourite local musicians. For Christmas 2012, Mike also exhibited his larger than life portraits of the four Rolling Stones.


h.Art September 2012

For h.Art in 2012, Aardvark Books together with textile artist and writer Drusilla Cole, put together a group textile show called ’Textiles Now’ - in homage to Dru’s book of the same title. This picture shows different work by the Ffeisty Ffelters group who are based in South Shropshire. This went so well that in 2013 we decided to put on a whole month of Textile exhibitions in September, and our h.Art exhibition is more often than not a textiles show.




Little Rumba at the Vide Grenier 2012

In the long wet summer of 2012 there wasn’t much to smile about, but this visit from local Klezmer heros Little Rumba was certainly one of them. They played throughout our Vide Grenier, and hardy locals hugged each other to stay warm. Not quite sure why Hugh Colvin has a halo around him, but from his expression Dave Luke knows the answer; Pete Mustill looks on unconcerned.



Actors John Challis and Tim Wallers helped Arthur Aardvark (in the shorts) and Edward Tobin to open the Mortimer Country Food Fair 2012. Carolyn Chesshire, Fair Director, had the microphone as usual!



Aardvark's Neighbours show their feelings  

One of the things that strikes most people when they come to visit us, is that the bookshop is surrounded by idyllic countryside and a working farm run by our friends Geoff Bevan and Brian Vale. These are our nearest neighbours! - some of their cows, mostly Charollais - enjoying a good nosh.











 Today at the Bookery January 2015!














































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